UG-MTCA4 Metallic Card 285g

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UG-MTCA4 Metallic Card 285g


285g 10 sheets

A4 size 210x297mm

Stardream metallic - sophisticated look.

Stardream metallic is an exclusive paper that comes with metallic pearlescent colors to meet more sophisticated trend of fashion.

Ideal for prestigious editions,annual reports,menus,covers,business cards tags,folders etc........

The Stardream Metallic card papers come in 4 sizes, suitable for making any type of card. It boasts sophisticated pearlescent metallic colours that are of premium quality.


 Original sheet A1 size

A3 size UG-MTCA3 $10.00

A5 size UG-MTCA5 $2.50

Price S$5.00

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