Different types of paper finish

A wide-ranging term which generally refers to the final surface characteristics of a sheet after the manufacturing process is complete.
The most common finishes are: Cockle: A cockle finish is a puckered finish produced by uneven shrinkage during the drying process

This is a textured finish. Papers made with a laid finish are made to emulate paper as it looked when it was first invented. Laid is a textured finish consisting of a horizontal textured pattern and a vertical pattern known as "chain lines. The texture is created by using a dandy roll to impress the pattern into the paper along with the watermark at the wet end of the manufacturing process. 

Linen is a textured finish applied to paper by an embossing process done after the paper has been manufactured that has the look and feel of linen fabric. Generally, a linen finish is a very subtle texture that performs well in many laser and ink jet printers.

Other less common finishes include Vellum, Parchment, Eggshell, and Antique.